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Our Story


A brand designed by a Jamaican-American, third-culture kid for other hyphen-Americans, third culture, or unidentified ancestry kids, for the black and proud, for the afro-latinx, afro-caribbean, and afro-whoever else —


A brand that is aiming to explore the diverse cultures, topics, and icons across the entire African diaspora, historical and present-day, and to design a line that celebrates both what makes us unique and what we share in common 


A brand of playful and contemporary designs rooted in black and multicultural experiences —


With ethically-sourced apparel and designs printed to order in the US.


BTWN Culture Apparel is a woman-owned, black-owned, immigrant-owned business, a one-woman team (designer, manager, photographer, etc.) operating out of sunny South Florida.  


You can contact me at with any questions, feedback, or ideas for t-shirts you'd like to see in the line. I hope you enjoy!