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Bandeja Paisa Shirt, Colombian Pride Shirt
Bandeja Paisa, Colombian Pride Shirt

Bandeja Paisa Tee

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Arroz blanco, Carne Molida, Chicharrón, Huevo frito, Tajadas de plátano maduro o Patacón, Chorizo, Limón, Arepa antioqueña, Hogao Con tomate y cebolla, Fríjoles Cargamanto, Tomate rojo en rodajas, Aguacate

(white rice, ground meat, chicharrón, fried egg, plantain (plátano maduro), chorizo, lemon, arepa, hogao sauce, red beans cooked with pork, black pudding (morcilla), avocado)

i.e. everything delicious all on one plate! A Colombian Pride T-shirt.

100% Cotton, Preshrunk


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